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WhatsApp Mobile Spy-The Missing Puzzle Piece of Effective Parenting

January 11, 2013

You think your parenting is effective because you monitor their telephony and web browsing but did you know that kids use WhatsApp messaging app to chat with their pals for free? So technically, there’s still something that you’re missing out on and for that you’d need to install WhatsApp mobile spy.

WhatsApp- What is it?

Many parents already know about it and some use it even. Yes, it’s a convenient and easy way to send messages and media files to your friends using WhatsApp, too. It is free and swifter than the ordinary SMS. But did you think twice before giving your kids smartphones that they can use WhatsApp to sext or even exchange obscene photos and video clips. Your kids might use WhatsApp to contact inappropriate people and secretly contact them.

What’s the Solution?

All you need to do is install WhatsApp mobile spy on your kids’ phones once with secrecy. When that is done, you’d be surprised by what you would be able to do- talk about spying on WhatsApp messages and media content, you’d also be able to monitor all phone calls, SMS, e-mails and so much more. All you need is a right WhatsApp mobile spy.

How to Effectively Spy WhatsApp?

If you want to go for something that’s not too heavy on your pocket but don’t want to compromise on quality either than there is one perfect mobile spy for you- StealthGenie. Since it has there packages you can chose the one that suits you but I’d say that Basic package is pretty basic and lacks luster.

If you think that despite your constant monitoring, there is something that still misses your attention that you have to resort to WhatsApp spying. It would not only let you read all chats but also the pictures and videos sent or received via WhatsApp. You can also view the time and date stamps so you can know the exact time of the chats of multimedia file sharing.

Do not waste anymore time and start spying WhatsApp today. StealthGenie WhatsApp mobile spy will let you monitor WhatsApp along with all other features which can keep you informed on your kids’ activities 24/7 even if you are on the move! So make use of this spy app and keep a tight check on your kids without them ever getting to know that they are being spied on this closely!

Wipe Off The Worry Lines And Start Watching Your Employees Using A Blackberry Spy App

December 28, 2012

Blackberry’s Qwerty keyword gives you the same experience as a laptop or a PC keyword does? Plus, it has multi-tasking abilities, powerful searching experience, Wi-Fi connectivity, easy social networking and bookmarking and ofcourse, the ability to stay connected via BBM. It’s like moving around with a pocket-PC in your pocket.

This is probably why majority of employers have reverted to giving their employees Blackberry hand phones. Besides, who uses Symbian anyway? The convenience to perform multiple tasks while taking care of many official tasks – yes, that’s Blackberry, the ultimate business phone.

But, letting your employees in on using the phones without monitoring them is like inviting a hurricane in your lives. Don’t make that mistake.

To counter the situation, follow this easy solution – install a reliable Blackberry spy app in their phones.

A blackberry spy application is like an application that keeps all the phone information transparent for the application user. That means any phone activity that takes place on the phone is instantly informed to the spying user.

But, don’t go for any ordinary application that claims to offer many useful features and may even cost you nothing much, but chances are they might use or perhaps misuse your information or the target phone user’s information against them by blackmailing them. There are scams out there in the market, so better now hurriedly go signing up with just any app. Research the market, find a good reliable app that has excellent reviews online or customers are happily using it, well that’s your app.

Majority have found StealthGenie Blackberry spy app as a trusted name in the market and delivers what they guarantee to offer. Plus, the cost isn’t much too. Let’s find out what it supports and at what costs:

Read the entire incoming and outgoing SMS and e-mails

  • View call history and contacts
  • Listen to all the recorded calls.
  • Monitor BBM and Gtalk chats.
  • Access all multimedia content files
  • Check the internet browsing history and bookmarks
  • Receive trigger alerts for calls, SMS or emails
  • Set instant alerts for SIM card changes which are received via email or SMS
  • Remotely control the application through SMS commands.
  • Back up and wipe data and remotely locking phone (in case of phone theft)

StealthGenie offers two package plans – Basic and Gold, starting at $8 and $13.

Hence proved, it’s affordable, it has people’s trust and it has a popular existence in the spy market.

A Stress Free Life With The Help Of Your Imessage Spy App

December 17, 2012

I’ve heard this question from a few people that what exactly is an imessage? iPhone users will be pretty much familiar with this app and for those who don’t know about it, I’ll briefly explain it to you. imessage is basically an instant messenger service that can be used with iPhone smartphones. This service lets users send and receive text messages, audio files, video files and even pictures through their iPhone handset, provided they have access to the internet. For parents who are concerned about the misuse of imessage by their children, an imessage spy app StealthGenie is all you are missing.

A Useful Tool:

An imessage spy app is a pretty useful tool for parents who are concerned about the proper monitoring of their kids. Covering very less space in your kid’s cell phone, StealthGenie updates you about all the information related to their cell phone. You simply need access to the internet and your personal log-in details with the help of which you gain unlimited access to your kid’s entire cell phone data.

Discreet Working:

StealthGenie does not let anyone even get a hint of its presence inside their iPhone; due to its discreet nature this app runs silently in the back of their phone. It works well with all the latest iPhone models running on iOS 4.0 or higher. This includes all the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models. No feature of your kid’s iPhone is disturbed during or after its installation.


With StealthGenie you get to view all the pictures, audio files and videos shared through imessage by your child. Even all the text messages saved, sent and received by children are shown to parents.

Contact Details And Phone Data:

Each and every phone number saved inside the iPhone of your child is provided to parents with the help of StealthGenie. Parents even get access to all the audio files, video files and pictures that are saved inside their child’s iPhone handset.

Customer Support:

StealthGenie provides its users with a highly efficient and up to data customer support service. A highly talented support team makes sure that users have all their issues resolved by the time they leave.

The Best Support:

If you want to keep a close eye on your kids without getting into a fight with them, then this imessage spy app is the best support that you will get from anywhere. So get hold of StealthGenie immediately and live a stress free life.

Mobile Spying Software- In-depth Analysis

December 4, 2012

As I was reviewing some mobile spying software I read this new software in the comments below the review. I got interested and that’s how I came to terms with StealthGenie.

Not bad- that was what I thought when I visited StealthGenie website. It was a relief to escape the glaring and cluttered web pages of the other mobile spying software that I was accustomed to. And to my delight, it had everything I needed to know on the home page without inconvenience.

Website is superficial, obviously it made it seem that StealthGenie is the best mobile spying software and one must buy it of one wants to ascertain kids’ safety or employee productivity. That was understandable. To be absolutely sure about the software before writing a review, I purchased its subscription to test it hands-on.

Installation procedure is simple enough. You click the buy button, select the product- spy software for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry and click the buy now button.

You will have all the features listed in a table for the three different packages- Basic, Gold and Platinum. Once you’re done selecting the desired package, you are now required to fill your payment details. That’s about it. In a while, you will receive installation instructions and the whole process should take about 5 or 10 minutes.

Now something about the features- I can be lenient for the interface, the graphics even the price but one thing I cannot spare is the features. Features were what would make me endorse StealthGenie. And yes, I’d say, it did not disappoint me.

The first thing I noticed was that all features are listed under the packages and you will scarcely find that way. Most mobile spying software only list the features but don’t mention that which package will have what features. And the features functioned alright, too. I did not have any freezes or bugs and my experience with StealthGenie has been a smooth one.

The features that StealthGenie offers include:

  • Read SMS and e-mails
  • Spy calls
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Track geo-location
  • View web history
  • Check pictures and videos
  • Trigger alerts
  • SIM change alerts
  • Remote control panel
  • Remotely backup and delete phone data
  • Remotely lock phone

StealthGenie has also taken good care of its customers with some after-sale services. It has free updates and upgrades that you will get during your subscription span and also you will have the round the clock customer support as well. The customer support team is pretty humble and mighty patient.

Overall, I’d give StealthGenie mobile spying software 4 stars and wish it the best of luck. Although it has over 100,000 customers, it still has a long way to go. But if you ask me, you can go for the Genie eyes closed!

Get All the Secrets Revealed; Use a Blackberry Messenger Monitoring App

November 13, 2012 most successful QUERTY styled smartphones are indeed BlackBerry handsets. BlackBerry has cemented a strong place for them in the smartphones market and many employers prefer providing their employees with BlackBerry handsets for official use. Employees make most of their conversations through the BlackBerry messenger. If employers are able to get hold of their employee’s BlackBerry messenger chats, they can know about their daily communications in no time whatsoever. In such circumstances, a BlackBerry messenger monitoring app can help employers out quite a lot.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a monitoring software for the BlackBerry phone of your employees that provides employers with all the information they need to know in relation to their employee’s cell phone. With the ability to run discreetly inside the cell phone of your employees, StealthGenie does not give anyone even a hint of its presence in their cell phone. This monitoring app does not disrupt any features of your child’s cell phone and provides you with all the data present inside their cell phone.

Compatibility and Starting up:

StealthGenie is compatible with all the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Pearl, Curve, Torch and other models in the 8000 as well as 9000 series having an operating system of 4.6 or higher. To start using the services of StealthGenie, firstly you need to register for an account with them. Then you must download this app in your employee’s BlackBerry phone. With all the above done, you just need to log-in with the User ID and password provided to you by StealthGenie and you can access the entire cell phone data of your employees with extreme ease.

BlackBerry Messenger Chats:

Those who use BlackBerry services would know very well that you do most of your conversations through the BlackBerry messenger. Records of all the communications of employees through their BlackBerry messenger are provided to employers by the help of StealthGenie. This monitoring app also provides users with records of all the calls made to and from their employee’s BlackBerry phone.

Live Surroundings:

The ‘Live Surroundings’ feature of StealthGenie helps employers record all the sounds in the surroundings of their employee’s cell phone. This could help them know a lot more about the communications between their employees.

Company Secrets Remain Intact:

With the help of a BlackBerry messenger monitoring app, employers can find out exactly what their employees talk amongst themselves. This helps the employer make sure that no company secrets are being revealed.

Make Good Use Of An Iphone By Using A Monitoring Software For Iphone Of Your Child

September 20, 2012

Mobile phones can be used both in good ways and in bad ways. Amongst the smartphones, iPhones are the most extensively used mobile phones around the world. Nowadays, the age group that uses iPhones most eagerly is the teenage and teenagers can use their cell phones for wrong things as well. Teenagers don’t have that much decision making power at that age and that is why parents need to keep a close eye on them. This is where a monitoring software for iPhone of your child can be of great help to you.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a monitoring software that has completely changed the style in which parents can monitor the activities of their children. Just give this software a few minutes and it will be installed in your child’s iPhone. Without letting anyone find out about it, StealthGenie runs discreetly inside the cell phone of your child and does not disrupt any features of their cell phone.


This monitoring software works brilliantly with all the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models. All these models have an operating system of iOS 4.0 or higher. Just use the User ID and password that you are provided by StealthGenie to log-in to your account and access the entire cell phone data of your child from anywhere in the world.

Call And SMS Messages Records:

Parents get to view all the Call Logs of their child’s cell phone. Even all the SMS messages received and sent by their child from their iPhone are provided to parents.

GPS Tracking And Record Surroundings:

Parents get to trace the precise GPS location of their children with the help of StealthGenie. Another facility that StealthGenie offers the parents with is that they can record the surrounding sounds of their child’s cell phone whenever they want to.

Responsible Parents:

Teenage is the time when kids don’t know about the problems that they could get into, but parents are well aware of the risks. In such situations, keeping a close eye on your kids becomes a responsibility for parents and they can do it by using a monitoring software for iPhone of their child.

Use the help of a cell phone spy software and mitigate your problems

August 8, 2012

Wherever you go in the world, the standard of running a business is more or less the same. Similar is the case when you talk about problems in a business. From China to USA and from a multinational company to a small superstore, you will find out that the major cause of concern for every business is nothing else but their employees. Luckily this cause of concern can be mitigated if employers agree to use the help of a cell phone spy software StealthGenie.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is extremely easy to use and highly user friendly. This cell phone spy software provides employers access to the entire cell phone data of their employees from anywhere in the world. Once they have signed-up for an account with StealthGenie and downloaded this software in their employee’s cell phone, they are ready to roll. StealthGenie runs unnoticeably in the back of your employee’s cell phone without them even knowing about it.


This cell phone spy software provides employers with the following features:

  • Access to all the SMS messages sent and received by your employee on their cell phone.
  • Records of all the calls dialed and received on your employee’s cell phone.
  • Access to all the e-mails of your employee.
  • The facility to trace the exact location of your employee at any time you want. This feature is known as ‘Geo Tracking’.
  • Details of all the contact numbers in your employee’s 'Phonebook'.

Compatible phones:

StealthGenie works best with cell phones having an operating system of:

  • Blackberry OS 4.6 and above. This includes all the BlackBerry Torch, Curve, Pearl and other models in the 8000 and 9000 series.
  • iPhone iOS 4.0 and above. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models are all included in this.
  • Android OS 2.1 and above. Latest cell phone models from Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Google and others are included in this.

Stay up-to-date:

A cell phone spy software helps employers stay up-to-date with the activities of their employees at all times. Keeping an eye on your employees was never so easy. Everyone should definitely give StealthGenie a try.

Exploring Android; an Overview of Android Spy Software

July 19, 2012

It never gets old, no matter how many times you write about it. Android seems like a dream come true for nerdy geeks like me. Its open source nature allows software developers like me to tinker with custom made applications, producing apps for everything that we can dream of. So creative applications attract my interest and I keep an eye on the useful apps out there. To my great surprise the demand for android spy software is high, not because people want to go James Bond on each other. This demand exists because of worried parents and employers. Unsurprisingly, many software houses have rushed to cater to them by developing Android spy software. One app that particularly caught my eye is StealthGenie. Let’s see what makes it an ideal Android spy software.

StealthGenie’s Compatibility

The first thing to know about any app is its compatibility, because as we all know that apps that are designed for certain platform may not work on others. Here is a list of all the compatible smartphone operating systems on which StealthGenie works:

  • iOS 4.0 and 5.0
  • Android OS 2.1 till 4.0
  • BlackBerry OS 4.6 till 7.0

StealthGenie’s Features

StealthGenie offers its users a number of features, designed to enhance Android monitoring. Here are some of the features:

  • The ability to record the live surrounding s of the target phone. You can use this feature by sending an SMS command to the target phone. The app uploads the recordings to the user’s account on StealthGenie’s website.
  • You can records calls made to and from the target phone. The app even allows the users to choose which calls to record and which to ignore.
  • StealthGenie gives you access to the target phones call log. It allows you to see details such as the number dialed and the call duration.
  • You also have access to the content of the incoming and outgoing SMS messages of the target smartphone.
  • Being an ideal Android spy software, StealthGenie gives you access to chat conversations conducted over Google Talk.
  • StealthGenie allows you to view the data content saved in the target phone. You are able to view the pictures, music and video files stored in the phone.
  • This app also monitors the target phone’s internet usage by letting you view the web browser history and the bookmarks of the phone.
  • Finally, StealthGenie allows you to track the location of the target phone. You are able to view the real time location of the phone through StealthGenie’s Geo Location feature. To view the location history of the phone, access StealthGenie’s Geo Tracker feature.


In the end, let us examine the affordability of this Android spy software. It’s clear that StealthGenie offers a large range of features but surely it charges you that much too. Well no, with a starting price of 8 dollars a month, StealthGenie can easily claim to be the most cost effective Android spy software on market. Besides this, StealthGenie offers multiple long term packages at significant discounts, making StealthGenie a very tempting offer indeed.

Can StealthGenie Parental Monitoring Application Can Help Parents Keep A Good Watch On Their Kids?

June 20, 2012

When we talk about StealthGenie, we think of employee monitoring and child monitoring as well.

Being StealthGenie one of the finest cell phone spying applications in the market, has earned over a million customers worldwide – no doubt. If you are facing issues you’re your previous parental monitoring methods, how about putting your faith in StealthGenie this time and get all your worries aside.

StealthGenie offers a plenitude of features in affordable packages for parents to easily accommodate with, no matter how much they earn.

If you concerned about your kids and doubt that they might be under bad influence, or perhaps you simply want to keep an eye on them, StealthGenie is all the help you need.

Installation is easy, really easy. You don’t need to be a super genius to figure it out. Once installed, get all the phone updates and view it from your account on the site.

Features You Get With StealthGenie:

 StealthGenie parental monitoring software uploads all data from your kids’ smartphone of to your account online. Moreover, you can also have an unambiguous idea about any suspicious activity underway.

With StealthGenie, you can:

Monitor Your Kid:

  • Read all the sent and received SMS and emails with complete details.
  • Access all phone contacts with name and contact numbers.
  • Record and listen to call recordings and phone surroundings.
  • Access all multimedia files.
  • Access all the calendar entries.
  • Check internet browsing history and any saved bookmarks.
  • Trace Your Kid’s location:
  • Track your children’s location using the built-in GPS.
  • View the entire location history of your child including street address, time/date showed on a web map for your ease.

Set Alarms:

  • Receive instant alerts for any specific trigger word you specify as ‘trigger’ in the settings. These words if used in SMS or emails, will automatically give you a ping on the activity.
  • Receive alerts on inbound and outbound calls on a ‘trigger’ number.
  • Receive instant alerts for SIM card switching.

With all these amazing features, and that too at a very affordably priced rate, you can keep a check on your kids and protect them from any mess or trouble, whatsoever.

Mobile Phone Spy - A New Way of Dealing With Infidel Employees and Rebellious Kids

May 28, 2012

Mobile phone spy is indeed a smart innovation and a new trend to keep control of your world. If you have so many roles to play: of a parent, of an employer etc., you should get yourself mobile phone spy software to handle things with ease and grace.

Mobile phone spy apps they come and go all the time and but are here to stay; stay for good. This kind of potential is seen in a relatively new mobile phone spy: StealthGenie. StealthGenie has played its cards well, the timing is perfect and so is the performance. No bugs so far and definitely light on the pocket. This is StealthGenie mobile phone spy.

Getting Acquainted with the Genie:

Get familiar with StealthGenie mobile phone spy by first testing the product through an online demo on their official website. If it appeals you, fair enough; if it doesn’t, well, that’s strange! Jokes apart, StealthGenie does seem impressive as it has a fairly higher responsiveness than other mobile phone spy apps we have reviewed. Get yourself registered and then install the software on the target smartphone: end of hassle, beginning of effective spying.

How Well the Genie Performs?             

We would rate StealthGenie as an above average mobile phone spy capable of quite amazing feats- if one can use the word for features. Technically speaking, these features are pretty much the feats that are difficult and require precision and practice. StealthGenie has both so you can remotely monitor without a fear of being caught. This mobile phone spy lets you:

  • Read and redirect SMS
  • Log calls and e-mails
  • View contacts and files
  • Check web history and geo-location
  • Backup and delete phone data
  • Trigger alerts for suspicious word s and contacts and SIM card changes
  • Record calls and phone surroundings

Is It On The Budget?

We don’t say that for others but StealthGenie definitely is. Initially we thought if it’s cheap, it lacks quality but on closer look and repeated use, we found it the otherwise: great on quality and low on price. Imagine, you spend $8 on a lunch with friends and it’s the same for monitoring your kids and employees for a moth.

Our verdict is all for the StealthGenie mobile phone spy and is highly recommended to all our readers. You can’t get it any better!

Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 


Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 


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